OncoSurg Clinic offers professional services in Oncological Surgery and Gynecology

    OncoSurg Clinic was established with the aim of providing the best diagnosis and treatment for patients with oncological conditions. Since its establishment in 2008, we have treated over 17,000 patients in our clinic.

    Whether facing an oncological pathology or seeking a preventive consultation, all patients who seek our help are treated with respect and professionalism.

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    We offer specialized services in Surgery, Oncology, and Gynecologic Oncology

    Our team consists of experienced doctors in the field of oncological surgery, medical oncology, and gynecologic oncology.


    We provide specialized services in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We have experience in managing different types of cancer and use the latest technologies and therapies to provide the best outcomes for our patients.


    We offer gynecologic oncology services, including the diagnosis and treatment of breast, cervical, and other gynecologic cancers. Our team of specialist doctors has experience in managing these conditions and works together with patients to provide the best treatment options.

    Oncological Surgery

    Our team of oncologic surgeons performs complex surgical interventions for cancer treatment. We have experience in breast, colon, lung, and many other types of cancer surgeries. We use advanced techniques and technologies for optimal outcomes for our patients.

    Genetic Testing

    We offer genetic testing services to assess the risk of cancer and identify genetic mutations associated with certain types of cancer. This information can help establish a personalized treatment plan and identify family members at high risk of cancer.

    Pregnancy Monitoring

    Our team provides pregnancy monitoring services for women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy or with a family history of cancer. We work together with our patients and the prenatal care team for proper monitoring and a safe treatment plan for both mother and child.


    Our team performs biopsy sampling for cancer diagnosis and evaluation. We use advanced sampling and analysis techniques for precise results and treatment planning guidance. We collaborate closely with pathology laboratories for accurate interpretation of biopsy results.

    The OncoSurg Team

    The OncoSurg team consists of experienced doctors in the field of oncological and gynecologic surgery. Our team is dedicated to patients and provides diagnostic and treatment services for patients with oncological, gynecologic, and gynecologic oncology conditions.

    • Dr. Dan Eniu

      Primary Oncologic Surgeon

    • Dr. Gabriela Chiriac

      Obstetrics-Gynecology Specialist

    • Dr. Adelina Staicu

      Obstetrics-Gynecology Specialist

    • Dr. David Andras

      General Surgery Specialist

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    Video Articles

    We have prepared a series of informative video articles on topics of interest for patients with oncological, gynecological, and onco-gynecological conditions.

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    OncoSurg Equipment

    OncoSurg Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows for oncological, gynecological, and onco-gynecological diagnostic procedures to be performed in conditions of maximum safety and comfort for patients.


    OncoSurg Clinic collaborates with renowned partners

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